Aisle (2023)

Dreaming in sleep and Dreaming for the future.
자는 꿈과 꾸는 꿈에 대하여.

I fell asleep.
나는 잠에 들었다.

Looking for hs48. from <Le sixieme sommeil>, Bernard Werber

Directed by Haeun Hayley Sung
Collaboration work with HIGA

Format: DCP, 29fps, ProRes, H.264
Sound: Surround 5.1, stereo
Process: Color
Resolution: 16:9, HD, 1920x1080
Running time: 06min
Year of production: 2022
Technique: 3D Computer

He woke up on a couch on a bright tuesday
Ceiling was the wave

He was standing on the flank
We’re diving
We’re falling fast, with care

He was watching clock
And selly drinks the sigh